Prayers for Bobby out on DVD, a good movie for parents   Leave a comment

Prayers for Bobby, the Lifetime movie starring Sigourney Weaver, is out on DVD.  It tells the story of a deeply religious family whose son comes out gay.  When the family rejects his “lifestyle,” the son commits suicide.  Mary, the mother, goes through a deep inner change about her thoughts on her son, her actions, and becomes an advocate for helping parents through difficult times with their GLBT teen, so that none lose their son or daughter because of their faith.

This is a great resource for parents.  If you know of a parent of a GLBT son or daughter, purchase a copy of the movie for them.  It’s powerful.  Church administrations are not to the point where they can effectively care for parents in this struggle–this is why church people must step up.





See Sigourney talk about the movie here:

Buy the copy of the movie to give to someone who’s struggling.  Merry Christmas.  We should all be together, loving each other.

Posted December 24, 2010 by jstueart in churches, coming out

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