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Really great article on Beyond Ex-Gay’s site about a parent’s plea–“Can My Gay Child Change?”  It’s subtle in its narrative–identifying with every parent who believes something bad will happen to their child because they have “turned” gay.  I have the link below, but here is an excerpt.

Society teaches us that a homosexuality is a lifestyle filled with pain and sadness and sickness. The worst kind of life. I know that for many parents, the idea of a homosexual son or daughter terrifies them. We love our children and want the best for them.

We may remember moments in our younger lives when we witnessed other people persecute “queers”. We heard the horrible names they hurled and may have even seen them physically attack homosexuals.

Who would want that to happen to their son or daughter?

Many parents with a homosexual or transgender son or daughter seek answers:

Can my son change? Who can save my daughter from the lesbian lifestyle? Who can help my child sort out their gender confusion? Is there someone out there who can help? A psychologist? A clergyman? An ex-gay group? God?

Some have tried to seek change for their children with the belief that they are doing the best for them, but in reality these well-meaning parents have ended up harming the children they love so much.

(Read the rest here–CAN MY GAY CHILD CHANGE?)

This is the moment in the essay when it turns, and I appreciate so much the quality of that turn, and the argument that both comes before–which validates those who come seeking answers–and the argument that follows, that validates all those who are GLBT seeking acceptance and love from their parents.

Thank you Peterson Toscano for writing such a great article.  Thank you for Beyond Ex-Gay for posting it.


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