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Anti-Bullying PSA reminds us that bullying doesn’t begin at school   Leave a comment

A remarkable video, an Anti-Bullying PSA, that has a strong message.   Kids learn their bullying from the adults they hear.  And if they hear it in their church, and they do, then they will bring it to their schools.   If the church continues to use a “bully pulpit” on Sunday morning, they will keep creating bullies–adults, teens and kids.

“Our political and church leaders tell LGBT youth that they have no future.  They can’t marry.  They can’t give blood.  They can’t serve our country openly.  They’re not even allowed to adopt in certain states.  What are these kids supposed to think?  They’re being shown by the adults in our country that there are no solutions to their problems. What’s worse is that these laws which legislate discrimination teach bullies that what they are doing is acceptable.”

Please watch.

Posted November 13, 2010 by jstueart in churches, gay rights

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