As Christians, should we sing Ray Boltz’s music in Church?   12 comments

Today, as I was checking my statistics on the site, I smiled at one google search that brought someone to my page: “As a christian should we sing ray boltz music in church?”

Ray Boltz was a staple of Contemporary Christian music for twenty years–a string of albums that contained songs sung in every church across America.  Who hasn’t heard “Thank You”?  “Thank You for giving the Lord/I am a life that was changed/ thank you for giving to the Lord/ I am so glad you gave,” or heard it sung to someone who had fulfilled a life of Christian Service.  Who hasn’t heard someone sing “Watch the Lamb”?  It’s the story of the crucifixion narrated through the eyes of a father who brings his two sons to Jerusalem to participate in the normal sacrifice of a lamb for their family.  He is unwittingly pulled into the drama when he becomes the man who is forced to carry Christ’s cross to Golgotha.  “Shepherd Boy” is the story of David–who isn’t picked because he’s big and strong, but because God wants to pick him.  I used to sing these songs in church–Ray Boltz and I have similar ranges (and I can only hope I did them justice).

His songs speak to the very heart of what it means to be a Christian—“does he still feel the nails/every time I fail/ does he hear the crowd cry crucify again?” and he sings to life the many people that we only know through Biblical stories.  Paul and Silas are singing “I will praise the Lord” in jail, and he sings about the view of the cross from below–the sisters, his mother, watching Christ as he hung there in “At the Foot of the Cross”—reflecting on every Christian’s hope: “keep me near the cross/near the cross/ may I never stray so far/ that I cannot see/ what flowed down for me/ at the foot of the cross”.

These songs keep you close to Christ; they are filled with passion and anguish and they tell the stories that we are familiar with.  Yes, keep singing the songs of Ray Boltz in Church.  To throw them out is to lose a canon of beautiful music, and lyrical devotions worthy of a prayer book.

When Ray Boltz came out in 2008, it shook the Contemporary Christian music world.  Though he had retired several years before, his coming out spawned a massive hate fest on blogs, in magazines, chat rooms, and even hate mail to his house.  His career, and even his legacy, was nearly destroyed.  But he was a brave man, and that kind of devotion to God and bravery in the face of opposition, I think, doesn’t go unrewarded.

He put out a new album, True, in 2010.  Aimed at two audiences, Ray Boltz tries to meet both their needs.  His gruff, deep voice still sings about contemporary christian experience, but it has a focus and a drive now, to help Christians understand gays, and to reach out to the LGBT community.  Many of the songs ask Christians to reconsider their stance–that they are in error–and that they need to understand that gays mean no harm to their families or their Christianity.  In some ways, Ray Boltz is a Paul, trying to talk to us about gentiles, that we are a part of Christ’s plan and message.

I hope one day that Ray’s new songs are also sung in church.  “I will choose to love” is Ray’s response to the hate mail.  “I will choose to love/ though they shake their fists at me/and I will be myself/ and live in authenticity/ though they wrap their hatred in a message from above/ I will choose to love.”  A truly Christian response to the discrimination and judgment of Christians.

“Who would Jesus Love?” asks “would he only love the ones who look the same as me/ would he only offer hope if he saw similarity/ would he leave the others waiting like a stranger at the gate”–and challenges Christians to go beyond the narrow confines of the WWJD movement.

Should we sing Ray Boltz’s music in Church?  I hope so.  I hope we still do.  I hope that one day who someone loves will not interfere with the lyrics and the heart of their offering.  Ray Boltz has written some of the strongest, most beautiful Christian songs, and he still writes and sings these songs–in the churches that will let him.  Ray Boltz is singing his music in church, and I can’t think of a better way to express the heart of Christianity than to keep him singing, and sing with him.

12 responses to “As Christians, should we sing Ray Boltz’s music in Church?

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  1. Good entry, and I just had to leave my comment. 🙂

  2. Carol, I’m thrilled that you would take time to comment! Ray has meant a great deal to me, and if it weren’t for him, I might not have had the courage to come out either. He was that last friendly push. I figured if he could do it, I could too. I appreciate you and respect you a great deal, even though we’ve never met. Thank you, for everything.

  3. Been trying to get Ray to come up here! I know he’d relish a good motorcycle trip up the Alaska highway!! 🙂

  4. I remember how as a young teenage boy back in 1994/5 I couldn’t bring myself to listen Ray’s music. I didn’t understand why because Ray has a wonderful voice, his songs were well written and sung, everyone in my family loves his music, every church, choir and Christian group was performing his song, but for me I couldn’t bear to hear them. Few years back I came to understand why…The spirit in me would not allow me to because like me Ray is gay, but was not being honest to himself. However, today I can listen Ray without not getting irritated because his music is now coming from the man God has made him to be and I am so very proud of him. Anyone who dares to question whether Ray’s music is worthy of Christian stations or Church performance does not know who Jesus is! You cannot come in contact with Christ and still be the same…Just as how Christ knows His sheep and His sheep know Him, so too we are to be able to know each other as believers in Christ, but many are not connected to the Holy Spirit and that is why they can only see with a fleshly eye.

    May God continue to bless and keep Ray and his families…

  5. I love Ray Boltz songs and not singing or playing them in church because of who he is now is just ridiculous to me. One thing doesn’t have anything to do with the other. Ray, please keep writing and singing Christian songs. It would be our loss if we stopped. God Bless You.

  6. I can’t decide whether it’s more shocking to me that Ray Boltz is gay or that Michelle Shocked isn’t. I am going to go try to put my brain back together now.

  7. Wow The Lord has laid Ray’s song on my heart,”Watch The Lamb”, for my sermon this coming Sunday. By listening to that song brought tears to my eyes. Clicking onto this site is the first time that I’ve heard he is gay! Anyway I’m still doing what God has led me to do with his song, and Christ will get the glory what the Holy Spirit is going to do!

  8. I had a very dear friend who was gay. He was my Sunday school teacher. He was amazing, a good man, a man who loved the Lord with all his heart.
    He told me many times that most gays just wanted to live their lives like everyone else and it was not his place to judge anyone because he was not God.

    I tell you this because HE believed in the never changing word of the Lord, and that homosexuality was a sin. Whether you are gay or straight it is personal and should be kept personal.

    He also said that being gay to him was his cross to bear on this earth. He was celibate and lived a good life, no regrets.
    He did not want to be known for his sexual preferences but by his kindness and example. More importantly did he do everything he could to make sure everyone he talked to knew the grace of Jesus Christ and were they saved. Thats all he cared about.

    He is no longer with us. He was murdered when he walked in on a robbery returning home to pick up something he forgot rushing to the airport to come home for a visit.

    Regardless of ones orientation we are COMMANDED to love one another even as Christ loved us. It says nothing about judging. None of us should be known for our sexual preferences but by our character, are we honest, do we love God and are we saved.
    The rest is up to God. I miss my friend.

  9. Where can I get the written music (piano accompaniment) for Thank you for Giving to the Lord?

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